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Window Treatment FAQs in Port St. Lucie, FL

Here are some of the questions our team receives most often from Florida homeowners along with our answers. If you have more questions or concerns about how to choose a window treatment for your home, please call our store or visit in person today.

Should I measure my window spaces by myself?

Because getting the right fit is so important, Vertical Village recommends relying on a professional to properly measure all aspects of the glass, frame, and molding.

How much do you charge for a professional design consultation?

All of our professional design consultations are free of charge! We want our customers to be able to explore their options with no pressure or obligation in order to make the right choice for them.

Do you have solutions for glass doors?

Yes! Our team can help you cover both sliding glass doors and internal French doors with glass panes.

Can you help me cover a skylight?

Yes. We have a range of options and motorized solutions to help you control light through any shape of skylight.

What if opening and closing my window coverings is too difficult?

If you struggle to hand crank your blinds or pull-on levers, or if you have a large number of window coverings that require too much time to adjust, ask the team at Vertical Village about our motorized solutions.

Can window treatments help control the temperature indoors?

Modern window treatments can do an excellent job of regulating the temperature inside your home. Blinds, shades, and draperies all have insulating properties to keep cool air inside in the summer and prevent heat from seeping in around your windows and doors. You’ll feel more comfortable on a daily basis all while saving money on your monthly energy bills

I have an unusually shaped window or room. Can you help?

Vertical Village can custom-build any kind of window solution to meet your needs. We understand that not all windows and doors fit standard measurements, so our team of professional installers can visit your home to measure for a precise fit every time.

Will I be able to see styles and colors before making a decision?

Thanks to our showroom space in Port St. Laurie, FL, Vertical Village customers can touch and see samples of our products in the store to help them feel confident about their purchase. We believe that choosing your products in person is the best way to ensure a beautiful and satisfactory final result.

I know what window treatments I want; can I simply place an order with you?

If you already know what you need, you can call our team to place an order at Vertical Village. However, we always recommend that a professional measure your home in person to ensure a precise fit. We also encourage customers to visit our store just to make sure they have seen all of the options available before making a purchase.

What’s the advantage of custom-made window solutions?

A custom-made window solution is the ideal choice for any area that does not fit standard sizes. A custom fit also ensures your window treatments effectively control both light and temperature indoors, instead of letting air and light seep in through the top, bottom, and sides.

How do I clean my window treatments safely?

Proper care and cleaning of your window treatments will depend on the material and type. Contact Vertical Village for personalized instructions based on your current window treatments.

Call our team today 772-340-0400 if you have more design questions!