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Style | Simplicity | Savings

From crisp pleats to soft, attractive folds, there is a window shade for every aesthetic. Whether you prefer a clean, simple look or a classic, elegant design, our designers at Vertical Village in Port St. Lucie, FL, have the perfect window shades for you. Let us help you find the right window treatment choice for your space and change the way you look at the world—one window at a time. We’ve been helping homes in the area for years and look forward to serving your window covering needs today.

Style and function

Shades are versatile enough to work with windows of any size and shape. Window shades can add color and privacy to your home, giving each room its own ambiance and personality. They serve more than just aesthetics—shades work to block the sun during the hot months of summer and add extra insulation to your windows when the temperature dips, helping you save energy and money. With Vertical Village in Port St. Lucie, FL, you’ll get all the help you need to select the perfect window treatments that will reflect your individual personality and meet your home’s requirements and style. We have the perfect window shades for every budget, so call today to learn more and set up a free design consultation with one of our window shade specialists. We fuse functionality and aesthetics, so you always get the best of both worlds. Our window shades are sure to impress!

Shade options to choose from

Among the best parts of partnering with Vertical Village is the wide range of options we provide for window shades. At Vertical Village, our impressive and customized collection ensures there’s a style for everyone. We can help outfit your home with:

  • Roman shades – One continuous piece of fabric, a combination of traditional blind and fabric drape.
  • Pleated shades – One continuous piece of fabric, pulled more taught with horizontal folds.
  • Honeycomb shades – A great choice for saving energy as the fabric is designed to trap air between the window and room.
  • Roller shades – Effective at blocking light and used in combination with drapes. Multiple lifting systems are available.
  • Sheer and semi-sheer shades – A lot of natural light is let in with these shades, so they’re not the best for privacy but gorgeous and elegant for any room.
  • Bamboo shades – The texture of these shades is unique and gives a rustic look to any room. Sturdy, versatile, and not as expensive as other wood varieties.

We can help outfit your home with any style of shade, and we are experienced home designers, meaning we can help craft your shades in conjunction with the rest of your room.

Custom designs from our family-owned business

Our Port Saint Lucie, FL, company has been family-owned and -operated for more than 43 years, bringing you the best in the window shade and window treatment business. When you work with the Vertical Village team, you’ll get to experience an extremely high level of quality, products, and service from start to finish for your window treatment installations. Call today to see how affordable automated shading systems can be.

Contact the window shade experts in Port St. Lucie today.

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